• Ann Gerber

Milt Rosenberg wraps up 39 years of distinguished late-night radio conversations this week. WGN has canceled his Extension 720, though it more than held its own in audience. “I’m on the older side, obviously, but I’m still full of piss and vinegar,” Rosenberg, 87, ruefully told blogger Robert Feder.

Better news for octogenarian media luminaries still full of beans comes from Dan Haley, the old owner of Skyline—the weekly paper that covers Chicago’s lakefront neighborhoods from River North to Lincoln Park—and Ron Roenigk, the new owner. They tell me Skyline is not going to die and Ann Gerber is not going to go away.

“Of all the crazy things about Skyline, the greatest pleasure was getting to know Ann Gerber a little bit,” says Haley. “I had all these preconceptions of what Ann Gerber was like, and she was just terrific. I pictured her being a little society maven sort of person, not the circles I travel in, but she is altogether down to earth and incredibly connected. So it’s been a real pleasure. She’s not a kid, but she cranks out copy and she hits her headlines.”

Says Gerber, “I realize the fact I’m a gossip columnist makes me suspect and certainly not as desirable as people who do hard news.” But, she asserts, “gossip is just an extension of people’s talk. Gossip is news. Besides, I print true gossip.”