Having now used the LAZ-Boy meters a couple times, I found myself having exactly this reaction:

“Here’s what the redesigned ‘user-friendly’ parking solution looks like: 1. Park your car. 2. Walk up to 1/2 block to a Pay Box. 3. Wait in line to use it. 4. Use coins or credit cards to purchase parking time — up to $84 for 24-hours (add $50 if you run out of time). 5. Wait for a paper receipt to be printed. 6. Walk up to 1/2 block back to your car. 7. Place the receipt on your dashboard. 8. Head off to your destination, perhaps passing the Pay Box a second time.”

This is your brain on usability. Anyway, I will have to say being able to use a credit card can come in handy, but given the above it’s probably a wash. Via nsandlin.