The shelves of noodles, seaweed, soju, and bean paste are slowly emptying as Clark Market, located next to Kang Nam on Kedzie, prepares to close its doors on October 31. It’s the second major Albany Park Korean retail casualty since the arrival of the first H-Mart in Niles. I don’t pretend to know whether the mammoth (albeit wonderful) Korean superstore killed Arirang, further west on Lawrence, or Clark Market. But if H-Mart–which has opened a second location in Naperville–really has the reach to blot out businesses in Koreatown, it would a sad thing indeed.

Whatever the case, it’s a real loss to the neighborhood. The place was shabby looking but had a great panchan bar, fresh marinated bulgogi and kalbi, and other prepared foods. All I could get out of the cashier was a dejected “business slow.” 

I fear for Chicago Food Corp.