Some welcome additions to my (burp) overstuffed RSS feed:


  • The last word (I wish) on the mommy wars, from Redneck MotherYou know who I like to read on the topics of children and mothers? Mothers. Why? Because we know what we’re talking about, because we share a common language despite our many differences, and because we are practical. We mothers are busy people. As much as I’d like to put in my two cents whenever a childless blogger holds forth on parentude, I often simply don’t have time. And I’ve learned that hubris is best cured not by a lecture but by the direct experience of parenting. As my sister-in-law says, ‘I was a great parenting expert until I had children.'”  In particular, don’t assume that “mothers are deluded souls who need a wake-up call from others to throw off the shackles of their oppression.”

  • Why writing a negative book review is fun. Sam Harris on Francis Collins’s attempt to move from science to religion: “To say that he fails at his task does not quite get at the inadequacy of his efforts. He fails the way a surgeon would fail if he attempted to operate using only his toes.”
  • Why does Barack Obama repeat the bogus Republican talking point that Democrats are always against wars? Ilyayavitz at SoapBlox Chicago: “It seems Democrats believe they can increase their popularity only by criticizing unnamed and confabulated elements within their own party. It reminds me of members of my family who tell Jewish jokes to their goy friends in order to curry favor with those who are not Jewish.  It also recalls the tragic and predictable manner whereby my gay friends attempt to gain recognition with heterosexuals by complaining about stereotyped behavioral traits heterosexuals assign to gay men.” Dude, it totally doesn’t work and it’s not even funny.