Talented and hilarious New York rap outfit Das Racist (best known for their Internet hit “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”) was in town Monday to perform (and party) at Evil Olive with former Sharp Darts subjects BBU. It turns out they’re buds, having played together at CMJ in New York last fall. This makes more sense than it might seem to—if you dig into the Das Racist mix tape Shut Up, Dude, you’ll find a lot of serious political thought amid all the jokes and obscure rap references.

The two groups found a little time to hit the lab while Das was in town. Ruby Hornet’s got a teaser video from the session up now and a promise to drop the whole song sometime soon.

I also did an interview with Das Racist, which will appear in the Reader imminently; we discuss, among other things, how hard it is to be taken seriously by the rap community when you’re famous from an Internet meme, their dislike for rock critics, and their hype man’s plans to commit mass murder.