Whenever I read about the finer points of big business, I feel like I’ve wandered into Don DeLillo’s head:

Gatorade staffers monitor social-media posts 24 hours a day in the glitzy hub, hoping what they see and learn will help the company more effectively promote its new G-Series of drinks, which launched last spring.

Whenever someone uses Twitter to say they’re drinking a Gatorade or mentions the brand on Facebook or in other social media, it pops up on a screen in Mission Control. On Saturday, the staff jumped into a Facebook conversation to correct a poster who said Gatorade has high-fructose corn syrup.

“It’s like we’re a person in their social circle now,” said Chief Marketing Officer Sarah Robb O’Hagan, who is leading Gatorade’s makeover.

[Waves to Mission Control]

Update: a friend: “somewhere buried deep beneath the streets of San Francisco there is a fragment of cement wall with the words ‘Pets.com Command Center’ stenciled on it”