An email is making the rounds from Nate Young of Wolf Eyes: on February 24, his brother Pete suffered an apartment fire, and suffered second and third degree burns over 30 to 44 percent of his body. “Neighbors reported seeing him coming out of his apartment unharmed,” says Nate’s e-mail, “only to see him run back in to save his dog Little John.” Sadly, the dog died. And sadly, Pete was uninsured.

Pitchfork has an report here on Nate’s plea for help for his family. Nate also adds: ” Pete first introduced me to punk, psychedelic rock and noise–the music that inspired me the most as a kid. He also painted the cover for the first Wolf Eyes album released on Bulb. Without him Wolf Eyes may not have ever existed. I hope you’ll help me give him something back.” Donations can be sent via PayPal to Peter.B.Young(at)gmail(dot)com, or via check or money order to Nate Young, PO Box 32601, Detroit, MI 48232.

Watch the MySpace page for further announcements–I’m guessing there will be benefits, probably before Wolf Eyes leaves for their European tour in April.


As of Friday, March 2, the home page of Scroat Belly and Split Lip Rayfield front man Kirk Rundstrom had still not been updated to reflect the fact that Rundstrom lost his long battle with cancer and passed away on February 22. There is a moving tribute on the Bloodshot Records news page.

The Split Lip Rayfield home page, however, has been updated–the page had become the default home site for Rundstrom’s support fund, and that fund will stay active to provide for Rundstrom’s widow and children. Condolences can be sent to

As ill as he was, Rundstrom was active in his own benefit concerts and kept up his high-energy music to the last: the Scroat Belly reunion show at the Empty Bottle on January 13 was a splendid boots-on sendoff.