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  • Can Denard Robinson lead Michigan past Alabama? We sure as hell hope so.

One minute it’s summer and drunk guys are igniting explosives on the beach—and the next it’s that time of year when Republicans start worrying aloud about the dangers of women having sex, Democrats build leads in the polls only they can lose, the Cubs fall 22 back in the wild card race, the Sox keep winning and drawing crowds of roughly 1,412, and everybody could use a three-day weekend to drink some beer and wish every weekend was three days.

I realize I could be describing almost any time after Saint Paddy’s Day. In this case, though, we’re suddenly looking at the end of August and something’s in the air.

It’s probably pollen, because I keep sneezing—but that’s not important right now. What I’m getting at it is that football season is upon us—and the first college games are tonight.