* ABC7 is the latest media outlet to pick up on the Alvin Weems story about the el station shooting, first reported by John Conroy in the Reader. It’s good to see the story circulating, and nice to see Conroy given the credit he deserves.

* The Trib just happens to have the subject of Ben Joravsky’s piece from the same issue, about Lane Tech athletes who have to practice in the f***ing hallways because their facilities are so abysmal.

The difference in headlines is interesting. It seems we missed the inspirational angle.

I suppose having to commit to doing serious athletics in the hallways of your school teaches you important life lessons, especially if you plan on spending your life in Chicago.

Their piece does provide a nice object lesson in prose style, though. Here’s the Trib:

Turner gets lots of injuries, including sore hips, ankles and leg muscles, all from the pounding he takes working out in the hallways, a sad training staple in a school system desperately short of decent indoor and outdoor track facilities.

And here’s Ben Joravsky:

The biggest problem with running in the hallways is the wear and tear on the body. The floors are hard and unforgiving, and the constant pounding leads to shin splints and stress fractures. Turner says one of his ankles is chronically achy.

Soreness is a symptom, and not necessarily of anything bad. Shin splints and stress fractures, on the other hand, are honest-to-God injuries.