• The Gulfstream G5 in flight

Soulja Boy’s all over the news today for buying himself a $55 million Gulfstream G5 jet for his 21st birthday. Well the jet itself only cost $35 mil, according to “a member of Soulja’s management team,” with the remainder going towards customizing its interior, including what TMZ sort of strangely emphasizes is “a giant, LUXURIOUS bathroom.” He’s also throwing himself a $300,000 party in Miami because what, he’s not going to throw himself a $300,000 party for his 21st birthday? Get serious.

My internal class warrior of course seethes at the news (and has in fact long been tempted to hack into his bank accounts and give all of his money away to charity) but it fits in with how insane Soulja Boy’s career has been. It also gives me a reason to post the video (after the jump) for the special birthday boy’s song “Louis Vuitton” which may well be the best rap song in the world right now, and which puts me in the unexpected position of thinking that Soulja Boy might be a complete genius after all.