• Matt Schwerin
  • Geronimo!

Local trio Geronimo! has a decidedly vintage sound, as long as you consider the late 90s and early aughts distant enough in time to warrant the occasional knocking off of dust. Last year’s album Exanimate has Sub Pop grunge all over it—in particular the distorted, muddy guitar tone and earnest, gutsy vocals by front man Kelly Johnson. The recent cassette release Buzz Yr Girlfriend Vol. 3: The Metal David Byrne—the name is a riff on a classic Home Alone moment—also has shades of Trail of Dead posthardcore, especially on the excellent “Genius Is Dead.” These three dudes are five years in, and they tell me they have no plans to stop doing what they’re doing, which is a pretty beautiful thing considering that the band is getting even louder and more abrasive as it hits its stride.

This installment of our Soundcheck series is connected to the Meat Wave episode from last month, on account of it’s from the exact same in-store show at Saki. Two solid local bands on the same bill, two interviews . . . why wouldn’t we? The video below includes a short chat with Geronimo!, an abbreviated “soundcheck,” and a cut from the band’s performance. And thanks again to Justin Sinkovich from Epitonic for letting us use his group’s audio from the session.