Majical Cloudz
  • Sarah O’Driscoll
  • Majical Cloudz

Canadian electronic duo Majical Cloudz make moody, minimalist pop music that’s equal parts penetrating and intimate; on the group’s recent Impersonator, front man Devon Welsh takes his introverted lyrics about love and death and sings them with such bravado it can be a little overwhelming. Majical Cloudz are stunning in concert too, as the group’s stark and jarring tunes come through as loud and clear as Welsh’s voice.

The band puts on such an impressive live show that we decided to feature them in our ongoing Soundcheck video series. Majical Cloudz played Schubas last month, which provided a perfect opportunity to sit down with Welsh and his collaborator, Matthew Otto, and chat with them about their work, the project’s beginnings, and the benefits of having a simple stage setup. We also have snippets of the performance, including Welsh’s beautiful a cappella rendition of “Childhood’s End,” which he pulled off with grace and confidence after the instrumental unexpectedly cut out. Check it out below:

A special thanks to the folks at Schubas and their sound man, Fabrice Dauer, for being so accommodating and letting us film Majical Cloudz’s visit.