• Katie Hovland

The first thing you’ll notice is the name. A riff on a decade-old Onion headline, “Meat Wave” doesn’t really roll off the tongue as much as it elicits a look of confusion and disgust. Without the rest of the headline’s context, the name kind of just sits there, like a gelatinous glob of ground beef. And guess what? The local dudes continue to find it entertaining (and kind of love that you don’t).

Meat Wave the band is no joke, though. Only having been around barely two years, the trio’s dark but bouncy brand of postpunk—think early-aughts Detachment Kit with more of a serrated edge—is too tight and hooky to stay under the Chicago ground too long. Their first lot of songs are available via Bandcamp for your listening pleasure, and if that’s not enough, we decided to put the band on camera. As part of our ongoing Soundcheck series, we followed Meat Wave to a recent in-store at Saki where they opened up for their buddies in Geronimo! We hung out with them before the show to shoot the breeze and figured, what the hell, let’s videotape their set, too. Check out a piece of it below:

YouTube video