The Body
  • Richard Rankin
  • The Body

What lesson do you learn from sitting down with two of Thrill Jockey‘s hardest and heaviest signees? It’s that a good friend will never let you down.

It was the last thing I expected to walk away with after hanging out with some of the gnarliest noisemakers in the country, but the good-vibes friendship love is all over our latest installment of Soundcheck, which was filmed at the Oozing Wound release show for Retrash at the Empty Bottle back in October.

First off, Chip King and Lee Buford of the evil, punishing, no-wavey sludge-doom metal duo the Body, who were playing in support of their Christs, Redeemers LP, clue us in to how they achieve their head-rattling live volume—and how important it is to have a good pal along for the heavier-than-all-hell ride. And Zack Weil, front man for local thrash maniacs Oozing Wound, talks about how when your drum machine breaks, you call on good buds to step in and help you out—but don’t get any ideas, not all broken drum machines will result in a band as tight and powerful as the Ooze. All these dudes interviewed are totally hilarious, and more importantly, as these live clips show, really good at creating a mind-blowing racket. The video is after the jump.