• Paley Fairman
  • Wavves

Wavves started out in 2008 as the bedroom recording project of San Diego’s Nathan Williams, an outlet for him to craft supercatchy—but totally fractured—lo-fi pop songs. Over the years, the project has grown piece by piece, starting with Williams solo and winding up where they are now, as a four-man, loud-as-all-hell rock band. On Afraid of Heights, which came out in March, Williams and company ditch introspective tape recordings for full-throttle grunge pop. Massive drum sounds and dramatic dynamic shifts taking place within simple four-chord structures brings to mind Nirvana more than anyone else, a far cry from the hissy, blown-out stoner pop of William’s first work.

In this edition of our Soundcheck series, I sat down with Williams and bassist Stephen Pope before their show at Park West this fall and talked about their personal and musical evolution, what keeps them coming back to the stage, and what they expect in the future. And despite what you may have seen on some other blogs, these dudes were totally cool. The interview, along with a raucous live cut of “Idiot” off Wavves’ 2010 LP King of the Beach, is after the jump.