Last month Chicago sound artist J.R. Robinson, aka Wrekmeister Harmonies, gathered a team of musicians to perform the lone track from his recently released You’ve Always Meant So Much to Me (Thrill Jockey), a 38-minute ambient composition inspired by black metal. Robinson found a perfect venue to play his haunting and beautiful music—the Bohemian National Cemetery in North Park—and to top things off the show fell on the very same night that the supermoon appeared in the sky. The idea of the concert sounded so great that we jumped at the opportunity to document it for our Soundcheck series, where we film local and touring musicians as they set up for performances around town, interview them about their work, and capture footage of their sets.

We met up with Robinson as his crew was setting up and found a quiet spot to discuss nature, the local music community, and admiring the Bohemian National Cemetery. Check out the interview as well as a condensed version of the performance in the video below. A special thanks goes out to Empty Bottle Presents and the folks who handled the sound setup for the evening—Matthew Hannigan, Kenny Rasmussen, and Elliot Dicks—for letting us film the show.