Just because Soundgarden’s best years are behind them doesn’t mean that they (or their managers) don’t know what the kids are into these days. Though the band’s pre-Lollapalooza show at the Vic tomorrow night is beyond sold out, fans with access to mobile social networking sites and a lot of luck can still score tickets. Tomorrow afternoon a representative of the band—widely hailed as alternative rock’s answer to Van Hagar—will be going around Chicago dropping off tickets and “mementos,” as the press release says, at different sites. To find out where they are, you’ll have to follow Soundgarden on Twitter and the extremely annoying and intrusive Foursquare. To claim them you’ll need a Foursquare account yourself, so you can be the first user to check in at the drop-off site after the band.

In other Soundgarden-in-the-21st-century news, the group’s upcoming retrospective collection, Telephantasm, will come bundled with Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, out September 28, and will actually be exclusive to the game for a week before it’s available on its own. (Three fancy expanded versions of the collection will also get freestanding releases on the same date.) If the units sold in the bundle count toward SoundScan numbers, that could provide a nice chart boost for the album, as recent installments of the game have typically sold around 500,000 copies in their first month out.