Melissa Geils’s incentive to begin BLVD Records arrived when her friend and coworker at Laurie’s Planet of Sound, Nick Myers, had an album with his band Vee Dee that couldn’t find a proper label. “I was just kinda like, ‘Fuck it. I’ll put your record out somehow,'” she told Miles Raymer in a Sharp Darts column that profiles the label’s start-up.

The small Chicago label run by Geils, Eric Marsh, and Alex Foucre-Stimes has released a handful of locals of the shoegaze, garage, psych, and noise-rock variety—including Astrobrite, Population, Fake Limbs, and Vee Dee. Named in honor of the Logan Square boulevard system, Geils explains that though the label may not fit into a specific “niche scene,” her draw to start the label was that she wanted to get “cool bands and artists out unto the world, and work with a broad range of sounds and aesthetics.”

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