Reader contributor and Hideout barkeep Martha Bayne has launched a worthy program beginning this week: free soup.

To wit:

Here’s how it works: Every Wednesday this winter the Hideout presents a free weekly dinner featuring soup created by Hideout staff, regulars, local chefs, and maybe even a few “celebrities.” We’re aiming for three soups per week — but some days there might be more, or less. What goes in the pot is up to our guest soup chefs. Because they are volunteering their time and energy, we’re not going to be bossy and tell them what to make (vegetarians, we’re doing our best to ensure that there’ll be at least one meatless option each week–but no guarantees!). 

ALL SOUP IS FREE — but we will pass the hat each week. Donations will go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which can do a better job of feeding the truly hungry than a few well-meaning barflies can.
The inaugural Soup and Bread is this Wednesday beginning at 5 PM and will feature soups created by Hideout bartender Anastasia Davies Hinchsliff, Celestial Kitchens pastry chef Celeste Dolan, and Swim Cafe.
Furthermore, I’ll be making a big old pot of something on January 28, and rumor has it I’ll be joined by two celebrated food scribes.