This week’s been front-loaded with local hip-hop releases—I.L Will‘s Tattz & Flattz 2, MoBo the Great‘s Fuck the Public, and Dlow‘s Unexpected Statement. As I scrambled to listen, or at least sample, all these projects I nearly missed Sick La Familia, which south-side rapper AceSo released yesterday. The MC frequently collaborates with local producer C-Sick, whose sharply grandiose, twinkling beats appear throughout Sick La Familia.

C-Sick worked his magic on the mixtape’s title song, spinning muted sirens and brooding bass into a turn-up track that’s both unnerving and thrilling, and AceSo furthers the tune’s menacing rush with a poised and barbed performance. The MC shows his ability to read and feed off a mood throughout Sick La Familia, and he balances his aggressive and tranquil material well. The mixtape’s flow remains uninterrupted, even when AceSo’s coiled rapping makes it sound like he could sock you in the mouth at a moment’s notice.

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.