Last night WTTW rebroadcast Living on the Wedge, a 2006 documentary about Wisconsin’s booming artisanal cheese culture that I wrote about last summer, and thinking about cheese led me to the Cheese Underground this AM. Now, the “Cheese Underground Lady” appears to be somehow affiliated with the Wisconsin Dairy Artisan Network–which gives the blog a certain cultish enthusiasm. But, still. The lady knows her Wisconsin cheese.

I admit to being unheathily fascinated by the looming west coast/third coast battle for cheese supremacy, which she wrote about last month and which cheese geeks will be watching avidly in the coming year. (I’m hoping for some sort of Judgment of Paris-style showdown.) But I’m even more worked up about the idea of drowning a chunk of Carr Valley Cocoa Cardona in chocolate syrup and serving it for dessert.