Speedy Ortiz is a quartet from Northampton, Massachusetts, exploring a subspecies of alternative rock that has yet to get much traction in the ongoing 90s revival—namely the slightly skewed art-pop of groups like Helium and Polvo that straddled the blurry border between Dischord brand posthardcore and Pavement-style indie pop. It just so happens that Helium and Polvo are just about my two favorite bands from that period, so it wasn’t hard for their recently released LP Major Arcana (Carpark) to become one of my favorite rock records of the year, full of stoner-fuzzy guitars, slanted pop hooks, and deeply infused with a catchy occult vibe imparted by front woman Sadie Dupuis’s tarot-referencing lyrics and overall witchy presence.

They’ll be playing an in-store at Saki Records in Logan Square this Saturday with proggy local fuzz-poppers the New Diet, for free, starting at 4 PM. Later that evening they’ll be playing a house show in town, but we’ll leave that gig’s details to your Google skills.

Hit the jump to check out the video for Speedy Ortiz’s “Tiger Tank.”