It’s always interesting to see how long it takes for some band to jump on the latest hot tech toy and use it for some novelty stunt. Twitter had been popular with more than just Silicon Valley alpha geeks for months before I heard of a group using it as the sole distribution channel for a free album. The interval between the iPad going on sale and the announcement of the first “all iPad rock band” will probably be a matter of hours.

Chatroulette, the video chat service that randomly connects you to other users—many of them, of course, men in the middle of a masturbation session—has only been a proper Internet meme for a couple of weeks, but Nurses have already announced that they’ll be performing what might be the first Chatroulette-exclusive live set. Since Chatroulette only allows you to connect with other chatters by chance, those interested in seeing the band kick out their brand of avant-pop will most likely need to click through lots of bored teenagers and dudes with their dicks out before they find the show, if they do at all.

If you’re interested, Nurses go on tonight at 7 PM Pacific (that’s 9 PM here) and will be playing for 45 minutes. Happy hunting (and also happy looking at dicks).