The new issue of Spin showed up at my house today, and after giving it a cursory flip through I’d say it looks like the magazine has a serious boner—that’s a journalism term—for the City of Chi right now. The Spin Mix lists Miss Alex White & the Red Orchestra’s sugar-thrash treat “Squeaky Clean” and the bumping remix of Matt & Kim’s “Yea Yeah” that Flosstradamus (described here as “DJ gremlins”) did a little while back. A few pages later there’s a picture of Kid Sister alongside a description that makes her come off as some sort of club gangsta rather than a fun-time lady who raps about getting her nails done. Then Office shows up with a full-page profile that’s oddly focused on their drinking abilities. It’s a full-on Chicago party up in there.

Just as I was thinking how weird it is that I’ve probably seen half of this month’s Spin together in the same room, I got an e-mail alerting me that the Mannequin Men—local purveyors of “tight-pants swagger”—are today’s band of the day at You can and should download the track “Boys” from their upcoming Fresh Rot here. (Full disclosure: I wrote the bio for Fresh Rot‘s press materials and those guys are my bros.)

I smell a “Chicago is the New Seattle Austin Portland Montreal New York” trend piece in our near future.