Art Blakey
  • Art Blakey

I should’ve let you all know about this last week, but my latest Spotify playlist is up—in keeping with my usual practice, it’s entirely made up of tunes from the various albums cited in the “Today’s playlist” sections of my Post No Bills blog entries. That means there are absolutely no thematic, temporal, or stylistic connections—just 33 tracks totaling around two hours, almost all of which I thoroughly enjoy. There’s hard bop from Art Blakey, calypso from Lord Kitchener, postpunk from Bush Tetras, electronic noise from Marcus Schmickler, Angolan balladry from Bonga, and much more. I’m a fan of serendipitous discovery, and I still think one of the greatest things that iPods made possible was picking up a friend’s well-stocked player, choosing shuffle, and getting surprised. I guess that’s not really what’s happening here, but on the first go-round at least we can certainly pretend.