In possibly the fastest restaurant turnaround of the year, Galapagos Cafe opened last week in the space briefly housed by Leyla’s Turkish Bakery, which may have died the fastest restaurant death of the year. No, it’s not offering saddlebacked tortoise, blue-footed booby, or barbecued iguana, but instead merging the seemingly disparate prongs of sushi and Ecuadoran food, which means a four-page menu encompassing chirashi and carne frita, California maki and ceviche, seaweed salad and plantain soup, and more.

Co-owner Alvaro Perez says he worked behind the sushi bar at the now defunct Wicker Park Pacific Cafe. His brother and partner Manuel is handling the Latin end of things.

Galapagos Cafe, 3213 W. Irving Park, 773-754-8265.