Untitled (Turquoise 21) by Mark Pease
  • Untitled (Turquoise 21) by Mark Pease

Take a look at something exciting this weekend. Here’s what’s going down in visual arts.

Saturday, 11/9

Spray Can Slam! at Chicago Public Art Group Regardless of whether you’re making a mural with deep artistic meaning or painting penises on a the side of a building in an alley, you probably know that spray painting is difficult. Learn some more about the practice by taking a gander at the work of Chicago’s most noted spray-paint artists. Food and drink will be on hand.

Sunday, 11/10

“In Three Moving Parts” at Evanston Art Center The closing day of an exhibit that explores the concept of the self. The idea of mind/body/soul influences the featured visual and written works composed by artists Matt Ballou, Norbert Marszalek, and Tim Vermeulen.

“Think First, Shoot Later” at Museum of Contemporary Art The last day to view a retrospective exhibit on the major themes in photography over the past four decades.


Mark Pease at Las Manos Gallery Printmaker, photographer, and painter Mark Pease demonstrates that op art is still fun. Read Andrea Gronvall’s write-up here.