Hop heads in search of the latest high have lately been clamoring for beers made with the aromatic variety Citra, developed in 2007. Three Floyds’ beloved Zombie Dust pale ale is probably the best-known local example, but I’ve also reviewed a world-class double IPA from Pipeworks called Citra Ninja. Given that the Pipeworks beer cost $10.99 when it came out last fall (a second batch is imminent), I was intrigued to see a Sprecher release called Citra Bomb priced at $6.49 for a bottle just as big. If it turned out to be anywhere in the ballpark as far as quality, it’d be quite a find.

Citra Bomb hit shelves in December, and Sprecher are calling it their first imperial IPA—though they made a double IPA years ago, and I couldn’t tell you the difference between the two styles. But point taken: Hoppy beers aren’t the brewery’s forte. Of the 39 Sprecher releases listed at Beer Advocate, 18 are German styles or lagers, as befits a Milwaukee operation founded in 1985 (before the American craft-brewing boom launched ales into the spotlight). Personally I see Sprecher sodas more often in Chicago—mostly their root beer, though they also make a “Puma Kola” with cinnamon and vanilla—but that’s probably on account of where I tend to shop for my adult beverages.