This week in Food & Drink I wrote about the rapid nip and tuck of Chicago’s only Yunnanese restaurant Spring World, which included an expansion of specialties from the southern Chinese province. After we went to press, Hong Kong native Sam Ng was kind enough to provide a rough translation of SW’s mushroom menu, which features all sorts of dried fungi from China. I’ve been cautioned by another Chinese speaker with a lot of experience with the cuisine that the medicinal claims aren’t some type of FDA-skirting quackery but typical culinary discourse. You know, like “Drink your milk. It’s good for your bones.” As if everybody doesn’t know that fresh frogs are good for your skin.

Keep in mind that this is an unofficial, quick-and-dirty guerrilla translation–the most accurate information you can get about these dishes comes from Spring World’s owner, James An, himself. Also, there’s a whole other section of the new Yunnanese menu that remains untranslated; it features nonfungal specialties.


Fresh Chicken with Wild Mushroom in Bamboo Box $13.99

(Fresh killed Chicken and Seven kinds of Wild Mushrooms. Good for: Skin-Care, Decreases Cholesterol, Soothes Throat)  

Stir-Fry Frog and Mushrooms $14.99

(Fresh Frogs and Tasty Mushrooms. Good for Skin-Care) 

Stir- Fry Wild Mushrooms and Sliced Fish $14.99

(Good for Sleep Deprivation and Strengthen Metabolism) 

Wild Mushrooms and Seafood Clay Pot $6.99

(Large Shrimps, Squid, Mixed Mushrooms. Good for aging) 

Wild Mushrooms with Rabbit $14.99 (Good for Blood Circulation) 

Wild Mushrooms with Stewed Chicken $13.99 (Nutritious!) 

Yunnan Rainbow $11.99 (mixed Wild Mushrooms, and Vegetable) *Veggie Dish* 

Tranquil Nightfall $11.00 (Select Pork or Beef dish) 

Pearl in a Palm $12.99 (Good for digestion and low-fat) {No detailed description of the dish} 

Wild Mushroom and Fish Clay Pot in Supreme Broth $13.99 (anti-aging) 

Supreme Wild Mushroom Pot $19.99

(Fresh Duck, Spareribs, Wild Mushrooms, selected Vegetables, Tofu, Scallions) 

Mushrooms Spareribs in Clay Pot  $5.99/ in Bamboo Box $ 12.99 

Golden House $12.99 (anti-aging) {again, no detailed description} 

House Special Mushroom Dish $12.99 {same as above}