• Jessica Koscielniak/Sun-Times
  • Concerned King Elementary School parents and supporters walk from King Elementary to Jensen Elementary, highlighting potentially dangerous areas and streets children may encounter on their walk to school.

When I got home yesterday from one of the protest marches over the school closings, I had a chance to hear Mayor’s Emanuel’s latest explanation as to why he’s closing 54 schools.

He says he’s doing it for the poor people.

It’s part of a legacy of caring for the less fortunate that he got from his parents, who in turn got it from such great leaders as Martin Luther King Jr.

Man. It’s bad enough that the mayor’s got to turn the lives of over 40,000 kids upside down while firing scores of teachers, principals, and other school workers and shuttering schools in economically devastated communities that are already hanging on by a thread.

But now he’s got to bring in Dr. King.

What’s next, Mr. Mayor—claiming you got the idea to close the mental health clinics from Mother Teresa?