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Like traveling by air, being on television has lost a great deal of its glamour and prestige as it’s become accessible to the common citizen. In TV’s case this accessibility has come in the form of reality shows and news programs that find half their stories on YouTube: these days anybody with a dream, a willingness to eat animal penises, or video footage of a debilitating BMX accident can find himself transformed overnight into a TV star, before being immediately and absolutely forgotten.

But French TV is still kinda fancy, mostly because it’s French–everyone from Joe Six Pack to our Glorious Revolutionary Socialist Leader knows that French = fancy. It’s a pretty much unshakable association. It doesn’t matter that as far as I know French TV consists almost entirely of French remakes of American and British shows or French dubs of American and British shows. Or that you can get Dijon mustard on sandwiches at Jimmy John’s.

Chicagoans will have a chance to get on television a la francais (or whatever) this Tuesday night. Provided, that is, that they can square dance. Here’s a message from Plastic Crimewave Sound drummer, washboard enthusiast, and all-around good guy Lawrence Peters, concerning another group he’s in, the Golden Horse Ranch Square Dance Band:

Hey everyone,

The Golden Horse Ranch Band needs you to come out and square dance for French TV. A show called Megalopolis which airs on Canal + is filming a show on Chicago, and is doing a segment about the Square Dance Band, and The Hideout. Your dancing prowess will air in 10 different French speaking countries this fall. Please be there by 7:30 pm, and stick around after the filming for The Golden Horse Ranch Band’s originally scheduled show of country magic

The Golden Horse Ranch Band
Tuesday, May 12
7:30 Square Dancing
9:30 Two more sets of music
$5 suggested donation
The Hideout
1354 Wabansia

If anyone manages to get a Grey Poupon/Sean Hannity mashup shirt on the show, I’ll buy them a Jimmy John’s #6.