At the top on my “must find” list for a couple months now has been a basic shirtdress–inspired by a glimpse of a woman downtown wearing a beige version with nude heels. It’s simple, it’s sophisticated, it’s perfect for work and then some. But it must be a law of the universe that when you know what you want, you can’t find it. (This is related to the law that states that when you have money to spend, there’s nothing out there you want to buy.) I want something in a color other than black, with button-down styling but no pockets in the front or epaulets (I don’t want bulk on top), a hemline around the knee, and good quality. This one is close, but it’s too short and the shirttail hem on the bottom is too casual. This one is not my color, and I’d prefer something in cotton. This Marc by Marc Jacobs version is promising, but I’m not sure about those cap sleeves. And so on.

Maybe I just like the thrill of the hunt and nothing will ever live up to my platonic shirtdress ideal.

What are you having a hard time finding this summer?

Side note: when I complained on Twitter that a search for “shirtdress” on otherwise delightfully distracting brought up men’s dress shirts, the CEO himself tweeted back that it was being fixed–and it soon was. Oh, the power of social media.