Does anyone else think Sonic Youth played their guest appearance on Gossip Girl last night just about perfectly? They pulled out a great back-catalog cut from an underappreciated album, gave it a nice grup-friendly makeover, then released it as a digital download and as part part of a package deal with a retro-stylee T-shirt. Yes, the whole thing is more than a little at odds with the idealized image of Sonic Youth that a lot of old fans are still carrying around—Gossip Girl is aimed at a demographic that actually uses “OMG” in spoken conversation, and the vintage graphic on the shirt has been given a slightly washed-out look, like a faux-distressed Pink Floyd shirt from Target—but I dig the execution nonetheless. And if today there are a few more 14-year-old girls and 20-something media workers getting their minds split by newly purchased copies of Evol, that’s just a bonus.

Video via Videogum, which is in general a fine resource for staying up to date on how ridiculous this show is. Notice the way Kim Gordon keeps an almost straight face throughout her speaking part. That’s professionalism.