• From the documentary Only When I Dance, which screens Friday at DePaul

In other news, today marks the beginning of Mostra, the annual Brazilian film series now entering its third year. In contrast to Chicago’s numerous other film festivals, Mostra emphasizes the educational value of cinema in addition to its roles as entertainment and art. Indeed, all of the screenings take place on college campuses, with DePaul hosting tonight’s opening program and upcoming events slated to occur at Northwestern, Northeastern, Roosevelt, and Columbia (an auxiliary event will take place at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana). The program is divided evenly between documentaries and fiction films, but all of the titles concern Brazilian history or contemporary social issues. You can check out the complete schedule here.

To learn about Mostra’s selection process—and the aspects of Brazilian life it aims to inform Chicagoans about—I chatted recently with festival director Ariani Freidl. A partial transcript of our conversation follows the jump.