You think you’re pretty clever, don’t you. Clever enough to have completed the enviably witty crossword puzzle constructed by Reader staff writer Sam Worley (whose cruciverbalist adventures, recounted in last week’s cover story, led him to conclude that “sometimes ASSFACE is the only word that works”)?

If so, then perhaps you’re ready for your next challenge.

In the newest installment of the Bleader’s weekly Variation on a Theme series, we invite you to try to outperform us at our own obsession. Join several members of our editorial team in a round of Oulipian writing (details to be posted on the Bleader later today) or battle a Reader staffer in a game of Words With Friends (potential competitors: e-mail your favorite seven-letter word to Those selected to participate in either challenge will receive a prize. Just don’t be upset if the prize is nothing more than the glory of almost beating a skilled wordsmith at his or her own game.

Of course, if all this is cleverness is giving you a headache, might we suggest retreating to last week’s Variations on a Theme series, which celebrated (or, rather, lamented the loss of) silence. While we can’t promise that our Silence vs. Noise Week observations will soothe, we can say that you’ll earn a whole new appreciation of what 3 AM tweeting really means.