I was really, really excited by an e-mail I got about a DVD documentary on thrash metal called Born in the Basement. Municipal Waste and local genre revivalists like Rager have put me on a thrash kick recently, so I was primed for some thrash history. Unfortunately the movie–or at least the 35 minutes I made it through–consists almost entirely of former Overkill drummer Rat Skates sitting in front of a TV (tuned to color bars) and telling you about how thrash happened without any interruptions by anyone else from the scene who might want to contribute a few words. It’s sort of like being cornered at a family gathering by your old metalhead uncle who still wears leather biker jackets. Have you ever wondered how the Overkill logo came to be? Curious about how much Rat Skates likes Twisted Sister? The answers to all that and more are contained within. Though I’m just guessing about the “and more” part.