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When I wrote my B Side feature about bopping, the playful and infectious dance born on Chicago’s west side, Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber told me the one thing that would likely make the dance movement a big hit on a national level is a song. Increasingly it’s looking like that tune could be Dlow’s “The Dlow Shuffle,” which is a musical manual that teaches you how to pull off the dude’s nimble moves. The grainy, home-recorded video for the track has racked up nearly a million YouTube views in a little more than a month, and the bop king’s dance is really starting to catch on; just the other day he appeared on the Steve Harvey Show to teach Harvey and his audience how to get down, and he did it with some help from fellow bop king and frequent collaborator Lil Kemo. Harvey even gives bopping a try (sort of) towards the end of the segment, which is a particularly strange and entertaining sight. As Chance the Rapper tweeted last night, “DLow & Lil Kemo was on the Steve Harvey show tellin the world bout Boppin! So proud mang.” I have to agree.