So it’s looking like Steve Stone might move from the White Sox’s radio booth to the TV. Steve Rhodes approves, but I suspect (and I’m hoping he’ll post about it) my friend Ben will be disappointed.

I haven’t been listening to the Sox on the radio much this year–I’m a Cardinals fan from early childhood, with an Ozzie Smith Starting Lineup figurine and signed baseball at my desk, and now that John Rooney is at KTRS it’s just bliss (available through MLB Gameday Audio, which is the best deal in the whole world)–so I have to take him at his word. Ben, who is a dedicated Sox listener, calls the Steve Stone*/Ed Farmer duo “a graduate-level course in pitching” (Stone and Farmer are both former major league pitchers; both were All-Stars). He can and hopefully will tell you more, but it’s worth checking out.

*Did You Know? “He was one of the best Jewish pitchers in major league history, 3rd career-wise in wins (107) and strikeouts (1,065), behind Ken Holtzman and Sandy Koufax, and 9th in games (320).” Also, a poet and a… competitive table-tennis player? Steve Stone is just awesome.