Brian Costello’s List item pretty much covered the many good things to say about Memphis garage poppers Lover!, and I don’t have much to add to it besides, “I second that emotion.”

But I would like to take the time to point out to anyone who missed the little tidbit at the end that the headlining act, Pierced Arrows, is Fred and Toody Cole from Dead Moon. Those two have rocked more in the twentysomething years they’ve been together than a hundred normal people together can rock in their lifetime. Go to the front page of their Web site. Check out that “R’N’R Level” meter in the upper left hand corner. See how it’s always maxed to 100%? That is no joke. That is science. 

[Editor’s note: Dead Moon were known for their endurance, a trait that apparently can be applied to pursuits beyond rock ‘n’ roll: their site also notes that the Coles both ran, and finished, the Portland Marathon this past Sunday. Finish times: Toody 6:14:22, Fred 6:33:02.]

For more on how completely amazing the Coles are, check out my review of Sub Pop’s double-disc Dead Moon retrospective here.