Stomatopod Credit: TAMI PEDEN

Local band Stomatopod—named after the superpowered-punching mantis shrimp—will be celebrating the release of their debut LP, Air by the Ton, with a couple shows around town this weekend: tonight at the Hideout and Sunday, October 4, with a free in-store at Reckless Records’ Wicker Park location. Made up of Chicago punk staples, this trio, formed in 2013, features former Nerves drummer and soundman-about-town Elliot Dicks on drums, audio engineer Liz Bustamante on bass, and Pawner’s Society member John Huston on vocals and guitar, and together they hammer out an homage to the moody sounds of their 90s postpunk histories. On today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “To See and Breathe,” the first track off of Air by the Ton, the band lay down a chunky, driving rhythm topped off with dissonant harmonies from Huston and Bustamante, then ramp it up and bring it down with a classic quiet-loud-quiet dynamic structure. Stomatopod aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but that’s not the point—they’re doing what they do best, and they’re really great at it. And, self-engineered by the three audiophiles that make up the band, it sounds really great too. Check out “To See and Breathe” below.