• “Boa b/w Cold”

This is the time of year during which I play catch-up, perusing year-end lists to see what albums I might have overlooked last year. Thanks to British avant-music magazine the Wire I revisited Earth’s Primitive and Deadly (placing at number 11 in a top-50-albums list), which I initially wrote off as too cheesy only to find upon another listen is perhaps the band’s most humorous and colorful album to date. I also discovered that the band had put out another bizarre and inspired release last year, a collaborative single with British dubstep producer the Bug (aka Kevin Martin). On “Boa b/w Cold” (Ninja Tune) the two acts make for a surprisingly good fit, with the Bug’s doomy, spacy, pummeling dubstep enchantingly blending with Earth’s doomy, mystical, Middle Eastern-tinged desert rock. Both tracks, which really should be heard back-to-back, constitute today’s 12 O’Clock Track, which you can hear below.