When I first heard about the reunited Stooges cutting a new record with Steve Albini, I was pretty eager to hear the results. But as the release date for The Weirdness (Virgin) neared, my interest diminished with every passing day, and after reading overwhelmingly lukewarm reviews, the notion of actually listening to it stopped crossing my mind altogether. But since they’re playing the Congress this Sunday, April 15, I finally decided to give it a shot—and it’s even more disposable and pointless than I feared.

Basically, it sounds like the Stooges are trying hard to recreate one of their classic records while incorporating a bunch of lame ideas from bands those records influenced. Pop’s lyrics are so dumb you’d think they were penned by the scriptwriter for the infamous punk episode of Quincy, and his delivery doesn’t have a lick of menace. The band still kicks up dust, but it feels kinda staid and predictable compared to the old shit. In a few years this record won’t be any more desirable than Naughty Little Doggie. I know I’m not being fair, but c’mon, this stuff has got to stop. Aside from Mission of Burma, there hasn’t been a rock reunion worth a dime. Am I right?