Stormy Daniels in 2006; Grier in Foxy Brown in 1974 Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty; Sun-Times file photo

To fully appreciate the game Stormy Daniels is playing with Donald Trump, I urge you to watch Foxy Brown, the Pam Grier flick from 1974—or at least, watch her scene with Judge Fenton.

Pretending she’s eager to bed down with the evil, racist judge, Foxy strips off his red-striped shorts, laughs at his tiny pecker, and pushes him into the hallway, where he and his pecker are the source of even more hilarity to passersby.

The movie poster says it all: “Don’t mess with Foxy Brown—she’s the meanest chick in town.”

That, in effect, is what Daniels is threatening to do to Trump—expose him to the world. And it looks like that spectacle has our Mr. Tough Guy president more frightened than anything, even a subpoena from the FBI.

Daniels, as you know, is the porn star who says she slept with Trump one time in 2006—hoping he’d cast her in Celebrity Apprentice. (He didn’t.)

Eleven days before the 2016 presidential election, Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen paid her $130,000 to sign a nondisclosure agreement in which she promised not only to keep quiet but to turn over all relevant “video images, still images, email messages and text messages.”

Trump says they never slept together and he has no idea why Cohen paid her the $130,000.

In January, the story of the payoff leaked to the Wall Street Journal. After initially denying the story, Daniels did a flip-flop.

She hired a barracuda of a lawyer named Michael Avenatti and sued to have the nondisclosure agreement invalidated on the grounds that Trump never signed it.

And then, of course, she went on 60 Minutes to tell Anderson Cooper many, though not all, of the details—leaving much more to the imagination.

And all the while, Avenatti’s relentlessly taunted and teased Trump and Cohen—doing to Trump what Trump generally does to others and getting away with it.

Obviously, Avenatti learned a thing or two about intimidation when he worked with our very own Mayor Rahm in an opposition firm back in early 1990s—or maybe it was Rahm who learned from him.

My favorite Avenatti tweet is one from March 22: “If a picture is worth a thousand words how many words is this worth????”

The tweet shows a picture of a computer storage disc—suggesting, of course, that Avenatti’s got some pictures the Trumpster doesn’t want you to see.

For the most part, Trump’s been surprisingly quiet, letting Avenatti get away with it.

Why? I go with the Monroe Anderson theory—so named for the legendary Chicago journalist who enjoys espousing it.

Trump doesn’t want the Judge Fenton treatment. That is—he doesn’t want his private parts exposed to the world. Or as Monroe loves to put it, “Obviously, Trump’s hands aren’t the only thing that are tiny.”

Now, I have more than a few friends who tell me I shouldn’t be so immersed in Stormy’s story. They tell me it’s sleazy, unseemly, trivial—an indication of how low civilization has sunk.

Yeah, yeah, yeah—so what.

Trump’s a white supremacist who’s tried to take away basic health care and strip our environment of protection from pollution, and who pushed through a hideously regressive tax bill and bullies anyone he views as a challenge.

If Stormy has the guts to take him on for whatever reason—fame, fortune or retribution—I say more power to her. Especially as it looks as though her story may have landed Trump into some serious trouble—now that the FBI has raided Cohen’s office looking for evidence of lord knows what.

In this way I’m sort of taking a page from the evangelicals who remain fervently loyal to Trump, even though he’s broken every one of their commandments.

Actually, they’re worse than I am. I have nothing against adult film stars. But the evangelicals are willing to sacrifice everything they supposed believe in for what—a tax break?

I don’t care if she’s bluffing about the pictures. And I don’t want to look at them if she’s not.

But if Stormy Daniels can help bring down Donald Trump, she’s done the world a service.

At the end of her 60 Minutes segment, Cooper quotes Jenna Jameson, another adult film star: “The left looks at [Stormy] as a whore and just uses her to try to discredit the president. The right looks at her like a treacherous rat. It’s a lose-lose. Should’ve kept her trap shut.”

I have a different view. To me Stormy Daniels is a tough woman who’s beating a bully at his own game. Whatever her motives, I’m glad she’s doing it.

Give ’em hell, Stormy!