Two staffers at Seattle alt-weekly the Stranger resigned last Friday after it was discovered that they were busily kicking out bricks in the wall between advertising and editorial. The paper’s music editor, Dave Segal, had apparently allowed the paper’s club advertising coordinator, Bailee Martin, to contribute to the Stranger‘s group music blog, Line Out, and to write for the paper; when the Stranger’s editor got wind of the conflict of interest, both got the talking-to that led to their departures. Dan Savage’s note on Line Out about the incident is here; the Seattle Post-Intelligencer‘s story on the dust-up is here.

The comments following Savage’s posts are especially worth reading. It kicks off with the usual vitriol (“It’s a freakin’ blog,” “serious fuckin’ overkill, guys”), but instead of the race to the bottom that long comment threads can devolve into, the incident has sparked a healthy amount of thoughful commentary. (Though the blog’s editor did tidy things up a bit.)

Think it was handled appropriately?