East-coast grindcore kings Brutal Truth will release End Time, their sixth full-length and second since re-forming in 2006, on Tuesday. Hails & Horns is streaming the whole thing now. If 20 bucks doesn’t sound like too much to pay for a CD, you can preorder a fancy box-set version from Relapse that comes with six mini posters, a half dozen extra tracks (so about five more minutes of music, ha ha), and a tray card that for some reason I can’t even begin to imagine (cough) is scented like weed. I mean, in case you’re into that sort of thing.

As a newbie metalhead with lots of friends who haven’t been exposed to many current bands, I have my own special reason to appreciate Brutal Truth. They’re the single best counterexample I can offer skeptics to demonstrate that grindcore songs can be varied, engrossing, and expressive—not just slate-gray blurs of distortion, blastbeats, and angry screaming. And drummer Rich Hoak is one of the most transfixing spazzes in the genre—I could watch that weirdo play all day. Take a look.