Last night readers of Stop Smiling magazine hit Design Within Reach to celebrate the release of the latest issue–many nervously balancing glasses of red wine while testing out the $3,200 couches. The store’s midcentury aesthetic made a fitting backdrop for partygoers’ retro-contemporary ensembles:


Dave Gunn, 32, works at Playboy and says his wardrobe is influenced by “Goodwill stores, Kansas, and old people.” Perhaps the checked shirt is an homage to Dorothy. The vintage bag is a nice touch.


Esthetician Shelby Thomas, 52, was wearing a jacket with an angora-like texture that a friend bought it for him in New York. Asked to define his style, he called himself “a comedian type.” Aldolphus Shannon, 33, the editor-in-chief of Design Space, wore a Dolce & Gabbana blazer and says he prefers “anything that matches my Hermes belt.”


I was surprised to learn that Erin Rembert, 23, works at Store B, a Wicker Park vintage shop that specializes in clothes and accessories from mid-20th century. Rembert says she appreciates those eras but prefers a slightly later look for herself. “I like a lot of polyester,” she says. She made her top out of a 70s maxidress.