Street View is a series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights fascinatingly fashionable Chicagoans.

Pitchfork never disappoints as the place to see Chicago fashion at its best—sensible, trend conscious but not trend victim, relaxed, and really, really cool. Here is where Chicago shows the world the true meaning of the word “hip”.

This year was particularly great in the style department. Some people clearly went all ready to get photographed—it actually felt like Fashion Week at some point on Saturday. There were about five or six girls, perfectly dressed, taking turns shooting and getting shot for their blogs. Brigitte, pictured above, didn’t seem too surprised when I stopped her for a picture. I was the sixth person to ask her for a shot. Her boyfriend screamed in dismay “Again?” and gave me the dirtiest looks I got during the whole festival.

So here is what I saw hanging on this stylish crowd: for girls, neon (lots of), mullet skirts, see-through fabrics, lace, sequins (Britt Julious on her own being responsible for half the amount), long skirts, short denim shorts, bare midriffs, big round sunglasses, and flowers everywhere (especially hair). For guys, neon, camouflage, lots of plaid, and cool eyewear.

Check out more Pitchfork style in the slide show here and below: