Street View is a series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights fascinatingly fashionable Chicagoans.

Less is more or more is more? In my opinion it varies. Understated style can be extremely sophisticated, but overdone done right can be fascinating (see late Italian fashion writer Anna Piaggi). You just never know what will really “make it work.”

Becca chooses the middle way, accessorizing just enough to make her look stand out but with a certain nonchalance. Her color choices are also very balanced: she breaks the innocence of her white tutu with a tangy mustard-yellow sweater and austere burgundy tights—brightened up by the soles of her cool creepers. Also love the spiky collar in contrast with the flowy skirt.

I shot Becca last Tuesday at the Sartorialist talk hosted by the always-awesome MCA Store (see a couple pics of the event after the jump.