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As soon as I arrived at the Bowie Ball, one of my buds told me there was this girl I just had to shoot. As she described the outfit I thought to myself, “OK, this probably won’t work.” But burlesque and sideshow performer Queerella Fistalot totally glam-rocked it, managing to look sleek with two Xs taped to her boobs and a full sight of her enviable abs. With a body like this there’s very little you can’t do in the style department, and she’s taking full advantage of it. Love it that she kept it chic with a black pointed-shoulder leather blazer, and sparkly with all the hair and make-up. Ziggy Stardust would have been proud. Androgyny, sexiness and quirkiness at its best.

The Bowie Ball is thrown at least once a year by DJ Heaven Malone, usually in early January on the occasion of David Bowie’s birthday. This time it was at Berlin, sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Art. In September the MCA will be hosting “David Bowie Is,” the first international retrospective of David Bowie’s career. See a few more shiny attendees and read an interview with the Bowie Ball organizer after the jump.






I interviewed Heaven Malone, the organizer of Bowie Ball, via e-mail:

Isa Giallorenzo: What makes you such a huge Bowie fan?

Heaven Malone: Bowie has been a part of my life since I can remember. I grew up with 80s Bowie, who would appear in children’s TV shows, as as well as his soaring popularity during the Let’s Dance period.

What feelings does Bowie evoke in you?

Bowie is about artifice, that you can shape yourself and the world around you. And also how important it is to be absolutely charming.

What do you think Bowie’s best moment is?

I’m a big fan of older underappreciated 90s Bowie, like during the Outside and Earthling albums. He reunited with Brian Eno, and his relationship with guitarist Reeves Gabrels was pushing boundaries. But Bowie is always exploring. Always interesting to see what he does next.

What did you think of this last Bowie Ball?

A huge success, the entire audience was glammed up to the tees. We had a professional make-up company do glam makeovers, but so many came already dressed up like different iterations of Bowie! We were packed from start to close.

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