Street View is a fashion series in which Isa Giallorenzo spotlights some of the coolest styles seen in Chicago.

Whoever complains they can’t find stylish folks around here should have attended Kokorokoko‘s Street Style Summit. Local fashionistas came dressed to prove haters wrong. As usual they did it the Chicago way: authentic, trend-free, and not conceited, creating a warm, welcoming vibe. That’s what I like about this town: great style and talent don’t come tangled with affectation. I guess it’s a midwestern thing.

Nay, pictured above, was shot at the very end of the event. I love the ample shapes of her outfit, and how she made it both festive and casual. High and low, that’s the way to go. She achieved maximum impact with just a couple of contrasting pieces and cool after-party hair.

Check out more Street Style Summit shots after the jump and in the Chicago Looks blog.

  • Nakea West
  • Linda Xiu
  • Anthony Maslo, host Gaudy God, and Kokorokoko’s Sasha Hodges
  • April Lynn
  • Alanna Zaritz of Drawn and Coutured and Gabor
  • Jewelry designer Leah Ball
  • Liz Eckland
  • Whitney Gruber of eDrop-Off
  • Coyote De Groot of Labrabbit Optics
  • Dylan and Jorge

See more Street Style Summit shots in the Chicago Looks blog.